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February 15, 2017

 The Villa opens on 2 sides, East and West. I haven't changed the original dimensions of the rooms, so some rooms may not look like dollhouse rooms. They are not, they are the size of the real rooms.

The kitchen:

 Home made Agga cooker, table and sink and all the furniture.

 The preparation "des bouchees a la Reine"  and "du pate de Paques" for Sunday lunch !

The dining room:

 The room next to the kitchen is "la salle a manger", the dining room....

That room is still under construction...

Le Salon

This room which is much bigger than the others represents in my imagination "le salon" of a upper middle class family at the turn of the century. Maybe some ''nouveaux riches" who have just had this Villa built for them

I chose a pale blue for the walls.

Preparing Xmas....

 The study

With this room, I learnt how to make books. I make 300. They don't open. 

 The bedroms are small, with simple "provinciale" furniture,

The bathroom. I guess a house like this had a bathroom with a bathtub and hot water :)


December 1, 2016

Hello again,

Today I'd like to share with you a project I built last year called the Villa.

The villa could have been built in a swanky suburb of Paris or in Normandy on a cliff overlooking the sea in the 1900's... Up to you! 

It all started with two prints I found on a flea market in Tours, my hometown, in France. These prints were supposed to show what architects could build for potential customers. The pages came from a  book called 'L'Architecture pour tous".

Today, photos and computers allow us to visualize projects in a second. I guess in 1900,  it took time to draw and print pictures like this.

 Then , it took me a few days to draw an accurate picture of the facades. I usually spend hours with a ruler and a calculator, multiplying or dividing numbers and drawing on graph paper,  sticking pages together. Every measure  needs to be accurate.

What makes the charm of our buildings in 1/12 is the accuracy of the dimensions.

Sometimes, I see a beautiful scene on FB but one ob...

November 23, 2016

Hello, this is my second post on Alison’s blog. Today, let’s visit the hat maker’s room. I built this scene in 2013.

When I finished the tailor’s shop, I had two rooms above to furnish and I started with the attic under the roof. This type of room is not easy to decorate because of the slope of the roof.

I imagined it would have been a perfect place for a hat maker. Many worked from home and took their creations to the shop called “une modiste” in French. My grandmother was a hat maker.

I built a partition at the back which allowed me to place the bed in a nook with curtains.

I guess it was nice to sleep in a nook when the weather got cold although I have never tried. I got a sample of wallpaper from the Internet, I copied and pasted it and when I got an A4 page, I printed it. 80gr Paper is ok. That was the sample I had:

One tip: I like to use spray glue. Why? If the paper is too thin, the paper may get damp with water-based glue and tear.

Cover your work table as spray is difficult to contr...

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