12th Scale Furniture

My passion is for ornate 18th Century French "anything"! And furniture is definately at the top of that anything list. The furniture I create is all based on real life antique pieces which are discovered truffling through lost treasures in France, antique shops and flea markets or looking through 1st dibs and other delicious websites. Each item is modelled in 12th scale using 3 dimensional modelling on the computer.  The computer allows for incredible detail in the texture of the design and most items are reproduced with incredible accurancy however some of the furniture is adapted slightly from the original but I must say only slightly...the seat padding might not be as plump or distressed, the damage to the leg of a table will be repaired in the 12th scale version or the frame of a mirror might be slightly altered to prevent difficulties when casting. But where possible I have remained true to the design and I hope that you will see the detail is detailed!

My furniture is printed in 3D then a process or cleaning and minor alterations takes place after which a mould is created and then a copy is cast in PU resin. All items are made in sections and then assembled and painted and upholstered. All items are individually made and so there will be variation in the painting, highlighting, silk and so forth.